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Our IT Services

PSG does not believe in forcing clients into inflexible service models involving contracts, pre-paid commitments and minimum time allocations. Whilst we can provide such contracts, our attitude is that you are welcome to use our services according to the level your business demands and can justify.

Our hourly rates are recognised as some of the most economical in the business, further emphasising the value we deliver to our clients.

Services we provide are many and varied and include the following:

Analysis of business requirements and solution proposals

Coordination of projects with multiple vendors

Deployment of applications on the web

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As well as:

  • Analysis of business requirements and solution proposals

  • Provision of package and/or custom software

  • Enhancements and custom additions to applications

  • Provision of IBM eServer iSeries systems

  • Provision of Microsoft based solutions

  • Performance monitoring and advice on system tuning

  • Coordination of projects with multiple vendors

  • Provision of hardware capacity upgrades when required

  • Management of hardware and software support agreements

  • Provision of general support services

  • System analysis and development of new software solutions

  • Deployment of applications on the web

  • Provision of remote site back-up facilities

Software Applications


PSG has experience with many different types of business applications. Our consultants have worked with and supported most common business applications during their careers. This enables us to support most commercial organisations, irrespective of their line of business. 

Applications in which we have experience include: 

  • Distribution and logistics

  • Transport

  • Job costing systems

  • Projects, construction and contracting

  • Organisation information management

  • Financials

  • Maintenance management

  • Manufacturing

  • Legal

  • Commercial property management

  • Share registry

In addition to the above, PSG has written many specialised applications for clients who required systems outside of generally available package solutions. If you have a unique requirement please discuss your needs with us.

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